Sustainability Consultant

Why Appoint a Certified Sustainability Consultant?

Certified Sustainability Consultant is specially trained in the art of reducing cost through Environmentally friendly processes and the ‘Greening’ of your business

Our knowledge-base on green & sustainable issues is certainly way out in front, and as Certified Sustainability Consultants we posses the skill to seek out areas of improvement and eliminate waste (energy, water, material) and have access to tools which no others have in South Africa today.

It’s no secret that in today’s climate, organisations are forced to reduce overheads against the backdrop of economic pressures, so even for the progressive company that knows Going-Green is essentially the right thing to do, your business operation takes priority. The big question is where will you find the time to develop, or even roll-out your organisations Green plans. Having access to an experienced, specialist Consultant can provide you with those extra resources your organisation so desperately needs at a most modest fee.

As Certified Sustainability Consultants, we can offer you a Fast-Track solution which no others in South Africa can offer. Isn’t it time you took up the initiative and get a green plan going? We provide you with all the assistance you need to position your organisation as a Certified Green Business.

Certified Sustainability Consultant

Our Mission is to assist all businesses in South Africa, of any type or size, to do exactly what our name implies, provide Sustainable Green Solutions.

We start with a baseline assessment, and then work with you in developing a unique sustainability plan that is the perfect fit for your organisation. The ultimate goal is to prepare your organisation for an authentic certification. Certification is by no means a pre-requisite but rather a milestone or destination that once achieved becomes the starting blocks for the next sustainability plan.

The Green transition is essentially a 3-5 year program of improving your organisations credentials and really focusing your organisation on improving its impact on the environment and community at large. Not a quick-fix solution, instead a progressive & systematic approach to building sustainability.

No matter where your organisation is on your going-green path, we have a solution for you.

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