The Green Path

The Green Path

Green Business Certification, The Green Path way…

Have you considered the benefits of Green Business Certification through The Green Path Framework

Sustainable Green Consulting is proud to be the Management Organisation in South Africa of The Green Path. 

The Green Path, Certification that is Earned NOT Bought

The Green Path is founded upon the standards set out by the well established Eco-Path for Cities and under license in South Africa to supply green certification. We acquired permission to localise the standards, so as to incorporate more relevant content. GPC pioneered the Green Practices program that permits all kinds of businesses (including tenants) to honestly earn a Green Business Certification.

Of course, much of our real credibility comes from the largest number of Certified Sustainability Consultants across America, Canada, South Africa, UAE and soon to be in other countries such as Turkey, and UK  to supply Green Certification to applicants.

We are always in the process of assisting numerous organisations who have enrolled on The Green Path and will achieve Certification level in the next 3 to 6 months.

Does my Business need to apply for green certification?

If your end goal is to be able to promote your green credential throughout the marketplace as well as your supply chain, then yes it does make sense to certify.

However, as certification costs are not included in the Go Green process, you can choose to certify whenever your organisation is ready to do so. You can journey with us on The Green Path, reap all the benefits of Going-Green and choose not to certify.

How much will Green Business Certification cost?

Business certification fees are dependent on organisational structure, complexity and need but fees start as low as R2 500.00 once off to enrol on The Green Path.

Must I use a Certified Sustainability Consultant for Green Certification?

Yes, a legitimate Green business certification cannot be self-awarded or bought off the Internet. Using a professional to review and audit your business avoids claims of “greenwashing” and improves the ROI of your Green efforts.

Some of the areas The Green Path Framework is designed to investigate and rectify include but is not limited to:

General Concerns

  • Green Awareness training
  • Carbon Footprint Calculation
  • Offsetting carbon footprint with carbon credits

Indoor Air Quality

  • Numerous areas are included under IAQ

Paper Reduction Strategies

  • We can never go completely Paperless but you will be surprised by the numerous areas we are able to not only reduce paper but associated costs such as toner use are included under IAQ

Energy Reduction

  • This is such a big concern to every business as we pay a big premium for electricity. Multiple energy reduction strategies are available that most people have never considered. We have the answers

Water Management

  • Only 1% of the water on earth is fresh and available for human consumption, every drop must be saved. Without water everything will die which is no secret, let us show you how easily it can be done without any investment

Waste Management

  • Waste has become a commodity which can generate additional income for any business,
  • We approach waste management from a Sustainability point of view aimed at reducing cost and increasing rebates. This directly impacts positively on the environment in many ways

Green IT

  • The use of the correct technology will have major benefits, The Green Path Framework solves this problem through numerous ways

Green Chain Supply

  • Observes EPA “Environmentally Preferred Purchasing” concept
  • Something most organisations do not consider, The Green Path Framework is your solution

Green Fleet

  • Again, there are numerous ways fleet can be managed more effectively which not only benefits the environment but also reduces costs and improves productivity

We see Going Green as a progressive effort. It doesn’t happen with a one-time effort. We ask that you consider a year-by-year plan to move from silver to gold, gold to platinum.

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The Green Path  Mission

“Education and Advocacy” for environmental improvements in homes, schools, institutions, businesses, and virtually any organisation. We offer truly UNIQUE solutions which is totally organic and highly implementable.