Sustainable Green Consulting

“If we do not change our direction we are likely to end up where we are headed” Chinese Proverb

Sustainable Green Consulting, your partner in Going Green, Official Green Business Certification as well as all Environmental Management Services.

We are able to provide all these services which not only benefit the environment but help our clients to reduce operating costs.

Sustainable Green Consulting is an established practice focusing on Corporate Sustainability Solutions. We assist progressive customers to identify and implement various Eco Solutions to manage Energy, Water and Waste with the aim of reducing overheads as well as creating a safer working environment for employees. Sustainable Green Consulting goes beyond compliance, we Design Creative Environmental Solutions offering much more than what is generally considered to be ‘Green’.

Our proven solutions are guaranteed to make a real difference to your bottom line, the environment as well as future generations. We don’t only focus on the large implementations but also the small changes that are often free to implement and have a massive impact on the environment. Combine all this with our experience and you enjoy continuous access to creative, effective, leading edge eco-solutions that will bring about real-time sustainable change for your organisation and help you achieve what we call the Triple Bottom Line. People Planet Profits.

Our success is your success, this forms the basis of everything we do.

Our values are based on honesty, integrity, professionalism and always placing our customers and the environment first.  Through continuous training and effective supplier partnerships  we are able to offer our clients convenience and peace of mind by knowing that Sustainable Green Consulting offers you turnkey solutions. We offer the best possible eco solutions without it costing the world.

If you see going green as complicated and think it is expensive, our experts will guide you through every step of the process with our aim of offering Zero Cost Consulting.

Reduce Costs, help Improve the Environment and be responsible. It’s the obvious choice.

Going Green is a continuous journey with no final destination, there will always be something more that can be done as well as the fact that the continuous introduction of new technologies should be investigated and considered. Going Green is therefore an on-going partnership to assist our customers to implement as much as possible without affecting business operations or our standards of living. Turning an already established business 100% green is nearly impossible, but by partnering with Sustainable Green Consulting and embarking on  your Green  journey together there is much that can be accomplished.

By taking small measurable steps with a yearly planning approach using the tools and support systems of Sustainable Green Consulting, the process is affordable, logical and simple.

Expert, Cost Saving, Sustainable Green Solutions that works.

What are the Benefits of the Sustainable Green Consulting Way?

  • Creativity and out-the-box thinking
  • Reduction in your operational cost through Proven, Measurable, Sustainable Environmental Solutions
  • Based on a very comprehensive Audit, we provide a detailed Sustainability plan outlining your current green status and the recommended improvements stipulating the exact benefits to your company
  • Reposition your business as a “Sustainable Organisation” opening doors to new markets and increased marketing potential
  • Help to establish a Green Supply Chain. Where possible, suppliers are encouraged to change their business-as-usual approach to be more sustainable and be part of the green movement. This could also possibly reduce the costs of their services in the future.
  • Our solutions are based on global best practices, international and local environmental standards aligned with  ISO / GRI / GBC / FSC / Fair Trade / SASSI / etc

What are the obstacles you might face in implementing a ‘Green Policy’?

  • Do you have the available resources to implement and maintain a ‘Green Policy’?
  • Do you have a dedicated “Green Officer” or green go-to person?
  • The necessary time available to assess and formulate a green charter, educate employees & ensure implementation thereof?

If like most organisations in today’s economic climate, your resources are already stretched to the max and you really want to go green, but simply don’t have the luxury of time and resources available, the experts at Sustainable Green Consulting is your answer.

Everything we do is outcome based, your success is our success!

Sustainable Green Consulting